American startup helps communities receive feedback from Law Enforcement Agencies

When Kona Shen returned to the United States in 2014 after several years in Haiti, a country was waiting for her, fighting the brutality of the police. Shen knew that her next project should be something that would help solve this problem. After graduating from Stanford University, she joined fellow student Mustafa Abdul-Hamid to find out which is the most effective way to communicate with police departments.

The result is the My90 platform, which allows people to communicate anonymously with local police departments. Anyone stopped on the road, accused of something or searched, as well as those who just want to share their experiences, has the right to speak. My90 assists in the work of Black Lives Matter and other activist groups, opening a new line of communication between communities and law enforcement agencies.

The name of the project was invented on the basis of statistics: "90% of the history is lost when the public and the police interact." The startup does not have its own application - communication takes place via two-way text messages. Therefore, users do not need to have a smartphone to share their experiences. "We are trying to use the most accessible technologies, such as text messages. This allows us not only to reach more audiences, but also to attract people who do not interact with platforms such as Nextdoor, "said Shen, referring to the neighborhood app that was criticized for being a haven for racism.

The whole point of the project is to give people the opportunity to anonymously express their opinion about the professionalism and fairness of law enforcement agencies. They, in turn, receive feedback and can somehow react to the received messages. My90 began its pilot program in the summer of 2016 and now works with law enforcement in Santa Clara and San Jose, California; Pascoe, Washington; Indianapolis; and Irving, Texas. My90 continues to evolve, and for the expansion of the program, the developers plan to collect venture investments that will help cover even more cities and US states.

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