How fashion brands can think like a startup

Patrick Finnegan is not a typical 21-year-old boy. Today he is a partner at the New York Venture Fund TGZ Capital, which he founded with Jake Paul and Cameron Dallas.

Finnegan developed an early interest in architecture and found solace in his work - and the personality of an architect from Los Angeles, Frank Gehry. "I have always admired those who could translate their work from imagination into reality. He remained what he was, despite all the criticism and adversity. " Seeing Gehry as someone with whom he could have looked like, Finnegan said that he felt "less lonely."

"It is important to accept who you are. But I wanted to be part of a movement that was bigger than me, "he explained, and this is how he found his vocation in venture capital. "I like the art of the deal. I like meeting with people who do not know where to invest. It started unofficially, and I did not have any qualifications. Soon it became a formal part of my life. "

So, what advice can a young venture capitalist give to fashionable brands aimed at adopting a more flexible approach to launching?

"Be authentic and real," Finnegan said, pointing to Dirty Lemon, a New York company. "I was fascinated by Zak Normandin, the founder and current business leader who understood our foundation, and he also understood how to conquer the market. Do not be afraid to try something new and know who you are. Branding is everything. "

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