Yotpo attracted $ 51 million to develop the company

Yotpo is a New York content marketing startup that helps e-commerce companies generate surveys, photos and other content created by users. With a very recent round of $ 51 million venture capital investments, Tagrin and his team are hoping to bring Yotpo to great heights with offices in new locations. Moreover, Yotpo invests in artificial intelligence and machine learning as part of continuing the development of the company’s main offer.

As one of the founders of the startup said, "We are going to use financing to continue to expand in our international offices and accelerate innovation in products, especially those related to artificial intelligence and machine learning."

Yotpo is the leading platform for promoting content for commercial brands. With Yotpo, businesses can collect all types of user content and use it to create a stronger brand and improve the quality of customer service.

This integrated solution allows brands to collect, manage and respond to user content from a single platform. Through a combination of technologies, integration and partnerships, Yotpo simplifies the effective use of content for customers during the travel of the buyer to increase trust, social affirmations and sales.

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