Startups of electric cars on the air at the L.A. auto show

Maybe they want to change the world, maybe they just want to do their bit to develop the market of electric vehicles. Whatever it was, this week in Los Angeles was presented a lot of small electric cars with big dreams and small cars.

Probably the most unusual electric car on the Los Angeles show was a sample from the new company Redspace. Designed by former designer BMW Chris Bungle, Reds EV is designed to offer passengers the opportunity to enjoy a car, even when parked. Maybe, especially when it’s parked. With a driver’s seat that can rotate facing the passengers in the rear seats and a video screen that appears from the dashboard to play video games or watch movies, Reds should be a small living room on wheels.

The official opening of the three-wheeled car Ampere 1 with a teardrop-shaped rear part took place late on Thursday. An unusual vehicle (it must be registered as a motorcycle) is still just a prototype, but the team has been testing and improving it for several years. Co-founder Tony Chen said that the submitted prototype is ready for 90% of production, and that the plan for assembling these vehicles should begin in the summer of 2018.

Arcimoto began its journey back in 2009. The three-wheeled EV has changed dramatically in eight years, but the founder and president of Arcimoto, Mark Frontmaier, was nevertheless delighted that the car could finally go on its first trip. The vehicle was named FUV (Fun Utility Vehicle). It is reported that the company is ready to start production next year, with a target of 2,000 units by the end of 2018.

As previously reported, foreign venture funds helped Real Ventures raise $ 180 million.