Finnish startup EatAndTheCity attracted € 3.3 million of venture investments

When on Friday night a man thinks where to eat, he opens Google and starts scrolling all sorts of restaurants. EatAndTheCity wants to make this search more convenient and focused. "Our goal is to allow the opening of a location with good and interesting recommendations," says EatAndTheCity CEO, Ilkka Lavas.

There are already many sites, such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, offering this service. But the creators of the startup EatAndTheCity are trying to make their own successful feature. "We work together with content partners, gourmets, bloggers and food critics and provide independent maps and lists for all our users," says the company spokesperson.

EatAndTheCity recently raised € 3.3 million, closing the round, led by the Wallstreet Group, with the participation of Gorilla Ventures, Arteel Ventures and Tekes. The money received from venture funds and other investors will help push the international expansion of the restaurant search platform.

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