How to create a startup with a full-time job

The launch of a new startup with other critical commitments in your life, such as full-time work or a family, is certainly difficult, but not impossible. Several experts who have already passed through this test, told how this happens.

Thomas Moz, co-founder of Homerun, says: "I started my career in a design agency, learning the basics of design and how the business works. In the evening, we with two friends started the online magazine design FONTANEL, mainly to satisfy our creative curiosity. My main advice will be to set a goal - something that you find meaningful and that internally motivates you. And it’s important to combine this with the skills of doing business. I found that people usually do their best work, the pleasant is combined with useful. My personal goal has always been to help people become happier thanks to the work, and I managed to combine this with my love of digital design, based on Homerun’s recruiting platform. "

Frederic Gentis, founder of Gallerease, shares his experience: "I started my business when I worked full-time with a fixed income. For me, this is the key to organizing my thoughts, daily routine and business. When you do two things and want everyone to be happy, you need to be able to organize everything well. Meetings are often planned on the same day and time, so you need to plan everything very clearly. "

And one of the most important things - one should not forget about self-development. No matter how long you take your startup and the second job, you always need to find time to develop and learn new things.

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