Amazon buys several cryptocurrency domains

It was discovered that the retail giant bought several domains related to cryptocurrencies, which gave rise to speculation whether he would start his own cryptocurrency history.

According to Domain Domain Wire (DNW), Amazon bought and registered three separate domain names, all of which are linked either to blockchain products or to cryptocurrencies. These names include,, and While some have suggested that this may mean that the company will launch its own cryptocurrency, others noted that they can choose to launch the Amazon token through the Ethereum platform. In any case, this can be a significant event for the cryptocurrency and venture market.

However, it may also be a step from the company to protect its brand from participating in any illegal cryptocurrency or initial issue of coins (ICO), which they did not approve. Purchased domains are affiliated with a subsidiary of Amazon, Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Previously, Amazon bought related to the cryptocurrency domains. In 2013, they bought and since then have not shown any involvement in the cryptocurrency industry except their own Amazon coins. Once the user goes to, he redirects them to the Amazon home page. Allegedly, newly acquired domain names will serve a similar purpose.

However, the event came shortly after the co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin, evaluated large companies, including Apple, Google and Amazon, in accordance with their plans for the future to use and implement blockchain technology. When it came to Amazon, Lubin said that Amazon had not demonstrated great willingness to implement blockchain technology, although this may change in the future.

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