Tencent, reportedly, will invest $ 150 million in a startup Maoyan

Tencent - the Chinese Internet giant, which creeps toward a market capitalization of $ 500 billion, has made other financial moves this week.

Reuters reported that the company invested $ 150 million in a startup for the sale of Maoyan movie tickets, which was created as a result of the merger of the dominant players Maoyan and Tencent under Weiying this summer.

This deal is truly significant, as many companies are claiming a place within a huge market that continues to grow. According to the State Administration of Press, publications, radio, film and television, the revenue from the cash services in mainland China is 27.3 billion yuan (4 billion US dollars) a year, thanks to an annual growth of 11%.

The deal marks the continuation of the recent investment storm Tencent, which showed that they invested in Snap, the Indian trio Flipkart, BYJU and Ola, as well as the electric car Nio in recent months.

Recently we reported that Williams-Sonoma, Inc. acquires a startup Outward for $ 112 million.