A technical startup for plastic recycling attempts to deal with waste in Africa

Kenya has a waste management problem, especially in the capital city of Nairobi. According to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Kenya, in 2016 Nairobi produced about 2,400 tons of waste, but only 38% of this garbage was collected and less than 10% was recycled. This led to the fact that the remaining 62% of garbage remained on illegal landfills or was burned.

Mr. Green Africa, a technology-based startup for plastics processing, is trying to help solve this problem. The purpose of launching is to trade second raw materials while achieving social and environmental consequences. Mr. Green does this by choosing an informal group of waste collectors and integrating them into their business with technology support.

"There is a real group of waste collectors who actually just do it," the general manager said. Green Keiran Smith told Techcrunch. "We are focusing on this group, which has grown in very bad conditions and turmoil - this is their daily bustle of survival. Nevertheless, they noticed this opportunity for trade and income generation. But they are still subjected to any exploitation - they are offered a small price, do not pay, and so on. And we are trying to solve it. " For the development of the project, any financial assistance of venture investors will help. Thanks to these funds, the start-up can fundamentally change the ecological situation in Africa.

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