G: loot is going to bring E-sports to the masses

E-sports is developing at lightning speed. This year, the global market is expected to grow by 41% to $ 696 million, according to the Global Esports Market 2017 report. It is expected that by 2020 the developing industry will grow by another 50%. The largest event in the industry, The International, this year was worth $ 24.5 million. This money was divided between 18 teams, which consisted of 90 professional players. Swedish startup G: loot wants to bring E-sports to the masses.

Stockholm startup G: loot wants to change the game world and make sure that anyone and anywhere can receive real prize money "in games where skills are important, games that people already play and love." "The 400 biggest E-sports professionals are doing more than all the other 120 million gamers," - says Simon Sunden, vice president and head of escort, previously in charge of E-sports for the Swedish media giant MTG.

"We want to create E-sports a la Robin Hood, which means that we will "take away the booty from the big guys" and provide an opportunity for all comers to compete on an equal footing and earn money," - the representative of G: Loot stated. The startup does this with the help of its World Cup - Global Loot League or GLL with the most popular E-sports games.

G: Loot, founded in 2013, has its offices in the prestigious Swedish street Birger Jarlsgatan. The company raised nearly 100 million Swedish kronor ($ 12 million) in venture capital for two rounds - Index Capital, Accum Capital, and about 70 business angels are now co-owners of the company.

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