Which company use Facebook and WeWork to create a swag for themselves

Swag, especially good style can become an important point. Swag.com, which was launched 15 months ago, aims to become an assistant for companies in creating a quality style that should help people to claim their brands. "People think about how swag is just garbage, but it’s not necessary," said Swag co-founder Jeremy Parker to TechCrunch. "This can be an amazing marketing tool if it is built correctly."

Financial startup Swag.com offers products such as water bottles, umbrellas, shirts, jackets, USB drives, bags and other items from brands such as Patagonia and Case Logic. After you select a product, you upload your projects, and specify how much you want to print. Then you just have to wait until Swag sends you the layout for approval.

The standard production time takes about 15 days, and priority production takes 10 days and costs a little more. Production does not begin until the client approves the layout. Since Swag works directly with the manufacturer and supplier, it does not need to store any inventory.

Currently, Swag has about 1,000 customers, including Facebook, Evernote, WeWork and Waze. With WeWork, Swag is integrated with a collaboration service and is currently number 1 for office use. Swag, at the recently concluded Techstars Chicago, collected about $ 800,000 for his startup idea. Parker said that the company is in the process of closing the round in 1 million dollars.

Youth ideas and startups, which are focused on novelty and swag, increasingly capture the attention of investors. Recently we published information that the popular application for teenagers Musical.ly was sold to the Chinese technical giant Bytedance.