Mechanical courier Marble or a new way of delivery of food

Marble works closely with the popular Yep Eat24 food order service. Now customers of the service, ordering their own food, can choose a robot as a courier. Every day robots come to restaurants, which are assigned a special 4-digit code. The employee of the establishment needs to enter this code into a special panel to load the robot with the food that should be delivered. After that, the robot leaves for the client, who also enters the code to pick up his order. The main advantage of the robot is that when delivered it keeps the necessary temperature in the compartment where the food is located.

Each robot is equipped with special ultrasonic sensors, radars and cameras, which allows the mechanical "courier" to perfectly navigate in space. Also, robots have the opportunity to learn - update the map of the area after each trip. Now, Marble is trying to achieve a higher speed of movement of its robots. Their goal is to achieve a speed that is comparable to the speed of the usual courier. For this, the founders raised about $ 4 million on the seed round.

This approach to everyday business can bring the usual delivery of food to a completely different level. Perhaps soon we will observe on the streets for hurrying to deliver the order by mechanical "couriers" Marble.