China will invest $300 billion in technology

The strategy of Made in China 2025, which was adopted in China in 2015, frightens many Western industrial giants who see in it the Beijing plan about the economic conquest of the world.

By implementing it, China will be able to oust foreign competitors from its own and the world market; create favorable conditions for its own global corporations, which receive a variety of benefits from the Chinese authorities. As a result, foreign companies will be inferior to Chinese in competition, because no other state can afford such huge expenses to support its high-tech business. This is how the European Chamber of Commerce sees the development of further events.

The Chinese program for the development of a high-tech national economics includes state support for 10 major industries, whose products must occupy 80% of the domestic Chinese market. The project is expected to allocate $ 300 billion.

The program assumes that China’s public investment funds and development banks will provide companies with huge loans at low interest rates, and will also facilitate the purchase of foreign competitors and provide grants for scientific research.