Who is the first for the investment?

Start-ups definitely have become the engine of the modern economy. Every day in the world thousands of various projects are being initiated - from simple helpers in everyday life to real discoveries that can change the world. Each year, some of them become incredibly successful, and last year was no exception.

Tenable Network Security

The startup is designed to develop programs that allow large clients, such as NASDAQ and the US Department of Defense, to check their computer networks for burglaries. The program tracks various vulnerabilities in mobile devices, cameras, tablets and other equipment. The project was created more than ten years ago by Ron Gool, Jack Huffard and Reno Deraison, and only in 2012 he was able to attract venture investments. After this, the project began to develop rapidly and increase profits. In 2016, the company has about $ 280 million in investment and more than $ 125 million in revenue.


The project offers safe and convenient payment systems for rental housing and recreation using VRBO and HomeAway services. Although the online payment market is filled with many systems, among which PayPal and Square are the most profitable, Yapstone has been successfully working in a narrow direction for more than a year. The project received more than $ 50 million of investments, and in 2016 its income was $ 235 million. Project founders Tom Willante and Matt Golis plan to increase their revenues to $ 1 billion by 2020.

Rubicon Global

The project is designed to link companies that clean and recycle garbage, with various restaurants, hotels and large stores. Thus, customers can take care of the garbage disposal in a timely manner. Also, thanks to the huge selection of a variety of garbage collection companies, Rubicon Global customers can significantly reduce garbage collection costs. The service is gaining popularity, numbering already 5,000 customers, and was able to attract more than $ 96 million. The project, which began its journey as a start-up, is rapidly developing and in 2016 brought its founder, Nate Morris, a profit of $ 300 million.