Ukrainian start-up Sence has raised $100 000

The invention of the start-up is a clever Sence bracelet that can scan a person’s mental condition during the day based on the electrocardiogram data.

“We conducted a number of experiments, developing the technology of reading R-ECG peaks from one hand. Such data are needed for the analysis of heart rate variability - it is a popular method for assessing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, predictors of diseases and the psycho-emotional condition of a person”, - the founder of the company Evgeny Naishtetik said.

The company calls Sence "the most accurate fitness tracker in the world", because, according to the developers, it can show  happy or sad, tense or relaxed the user is, get he enough sleep or not.

The company plans - to spend the raised funds on the organization of production - now there are negotiations with several factories in China.