The first test smart contract has been signed on the Ventureon network

Hello everyone, friends! Today is another victorious news from the Ventureon development lab. There, work boils and does not stop even on weekends. Have you noticed that we do not disrupt the terms and always move ahead of our plan? Well, we are too modest to draw your attention to that, but we will share what you are interested in most of all. Namely, what we have managed to achieve this week. So, I will not beat around the bush. Drumroll…. today in the Ventureon network the first test smart contract was signed. Shazam!

Here, by following this link, you can see that the smart contract has been approved and signed by the Notary. At the address of the smart contract, 1,000 VNNI investment coins have been accrued. Now we shall not dwell long upon what investment coins are. On this there will be a separate, detailed material. And if you can not wait to find out about them, take a look at our earlier publication about what kind of VNN coins can be. In the next transaction, you see the purchase of two VNNI investment coins for VNN coins:

This is a transaction, which is financing the proposed project X. What’s a victory, you might say, for Ethereum it has been working for years. And you will be right. But! First, we do not use the source code of existing platforms, but we build everything on our original architecture. And secondly, it’s only an intermediate finish so far. Now we will improve the functionality of smart contracts to a level of interest not only to start-ups, but also to large businesses. But let’s not run ahead. Wait for the next news to come. We will certainly tell you everything as it is, as soon as we get the first results. Stay tuned for more and do not go around to different exchanges. Soon they won’t be neededsmile

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