The implementation of Blockchain in Ukraine: to be or not to be?

‘Everything connected with blockchain in Ukraine is just words ...,’ with this phrase was opened the discussion on May 24 at the office of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) in Odessa.

Members of the battle on the topic - Will we be able to implement the blockchain as Estonia has done for a long time?- were representatives of the public, media and invited guests - representatives of the Blockchain Ventureon project.

‘Discussion is the presence of different opinions and arguments. What we see today is amazing. Odessites are inspired by the idea of the blockchain implementation, because even Zimbabwe has already done it partially! Journalists of the NUJU expressed readiness to write appeals directly to the local authorities and not only. Frankly speaking, we did not expect such support.

I hope very much that this day, May 24, will be the beginning of a completely new era of blockchain in Ukraine,’ Vitaly Serbulenko, a financial consultant at Hypercube Ventures, shared his impressions.

As they say, to be continued ...