Yet another victory: Blockchain Ventureon performed transit from ETH to BTC and direct transaction from VNN wallet to the card

Blockchain Ventureon claims to be one of the most anticipated projects of this year.  Against the backdrop of the latest achievements in the development of the project, the invitation of the Ventureon founders to the annual SMART TALER conference on May 26 in Minsk looks quite natural.  

Good news becomes a regularity for our blockchain.  This time our developers carried out two transactions at once, which deserve attention.  First, Blockchain Ventureon today transits from ETH via VNN to BTC. Secondly, there was a direct transaction from the  VNN wallet to the card.

"Money are either convenient or not.  And that’s all! The concept of the convenience of money includes:

-How legal are they?  

- How reliable are they and what are they reinforced?  

- How much they and their owners are protected?

-  How hard is it to enter and exit money?  

- How convenient are they for payment?

- How deep would they sag down when market will crash?

Answering these questions, we are creating Ventureon ", - Anton Sobor, Blockchain Ventureon CEO, commented on the events of .  

So, as for the technical part of the question, Blockchain Ventureon has mastered composite or nested transactions.  

  1. From ETH to VNN:
  2. Transit from the ETH gateway to the BTC gateway:
  3. Confirmation of sending BTC from the gateway to the final address:
  4. Transaction in ETH:
  5. Transaction in BTC:

Links below for direct transaction of VNN purse at stake.



Recall, Ventureon project does not conduct ICO, funding attracted by a  funds and large investors. Since the first steps of the implementation of Blockchain Ventureon, the founders of the project have established a tradition of step-by-step open online informing of investors, partners and early users.  You can get acquainted with the news of the project on the site and through the Telegram-channel.