Blockchain Ventureon launched an open alpha testing of the blockchain with wallet emulators

Today, the developers of Ventureon confirmed the readiness and launch of open alpha testing of the blockchain with wallet emulators. Now the public and users have a splendid opportunity to try out in practice how this technology was implemented.

‘We keep moving according to the schedule for the development of the project, even slightly ahead. The code has been written, and alpha testing of the blockchain with the wallet emulators has been launched. But it’s important not just to write the code correctly, but to debug the entire system. That is why we provide an opportunity to test this technology. Everybody is welcome to do this via the link.

It is very important for us that the product is as high-quality and understandable for all users of the system’, Igor Brikov, the leading IT developer of the Blockchain Ventureon project, summed up.

Soon, the developers of Ventureon plan to deploy the system in the minimum working configuration.
Since the first steps of the implementation of Blockchain Ventureon, the founders of the project have established a tradition of open online step-by-step informing of investors, partners and early users. If you wish to be informed about our latest news online, please subscribe to our telegram-channel.