Approved and implemented the algorithm for providing additional addresses for the VNN wallet

According to the press office of the Venture Fund Hypercube Ventures, there was formed the address space in the blockchain Ventureon. At this stage, there may be 268,435,455 accounts or wallets on the blockchain. However, there is a scaling mechanism for increasing the address space with no need for fork.

‘We finally approved and implemented the algorithm for providing additional addresses for the VNN wallet. Now each wallet has a primary and 254 additional addresses, ‘says Igor Blockov, the leading IT developer of the Blockchain Ventureon project.

It should be noted that Blockchain Ventureon will serve 68,451,041,025 addresses. In this case, requests by outsiders to balance the account, wallet or address in the Ventureon blockchain are not supported and are prohibited at the level of a smart contract system, as noted by the developers of Blockchain Ventureon.

It should be recalled, that VNN issue (mining) is carried out only by emission pools, without complex and expensive equipment and is available to anyone. In no other way, VNN is issued or emitted. The number of pools is limited.

Since the first steps of the implementation of Blockchain Ventureon, the founders of the project have established a tradition of open online step-by-step informing of investors, partners and early users. Information on the system of prefixes and addresses is planned to be provided in the upcoming release. If you wish to be informed about our latest news online, please subscribe to a telegram-channel.