Hypercube Ventures decided to provide their own funding for the Blockchain Ventureon project

Successful tests, which confirmed the declared characteristics of Blockchain Ventureon, opened up new opportunities for the future development of Hypercube Ventures projects. As a result, the fund decided to close the Unitsale. This intention provides for the individual financing of the VNN project in full by the venture fund Hypercube Ventures. Nevertheless, a small share of the VNN project will be sold, but exclusively to a large strategic investor, as Hypercube Ventures emphasized.

‘The results of testing VNN gave us an understanding that it is necessary to sit down at the negotiating table with representatives of Hypercube Billing and 4Author. After analyzing all the data in dynamics, it was collectively decided to adjust the plans of all three projects - integrated payment (Hypercube Billing) and advertising (4Author) solutions in blockchain, allowing all three projects to run and satisfy investment obligations,’ Viktor Sobor, managing partner at Hypercube Ventures, said.

The testing of the Blockchain Ventureon project went into active phase as early as in the beginning of April 2018, showing the dynamics, which is ahead of the planned data. For example, at the start of the blockchain on eight pools, the claimed characteristics were fully confirmed. The bandwidth was more than 34 thousand transactions per second, which slightly exceeded the estimated time, and the transaction confirmation time was up to three seconds. At this stage, due to the resources released by the cooperation, the Blockchain Ventureon team will not only be able to provide, but also accelerate the development of the terms indicated on the roadmap. It is expected that the alfa-test of emission (mining) will take place by the end of May this year, as Hypercube Ventures noted.

Let’s remind, Blockchain Ventureon is an absolutely new iteration of development of technology which provides protection from volatility by backing up the basic VNN cost with real financial assets. The issue of VNN (mining) is carried out only by emission pools, without complex and expensive equipment, and is available to all comers. In no other way, VNN is issued or emitted. The number of pools is limited. More information on the site.