Test mining VNN launched ahead of deadlines

We have great news for you. Today, April 20, 2018, at 00:01 pm, a test mining was launched ahead of the deadlines indicated in the road map.

For more than 19 hours 8 pools (2576.vnn.money - 2583.vnn.money) successfully issue VNN. Congratulations to our developers and everyone who is not indifferent to Ventureon!

It is worth noting, since April 5 of this year the Blockchain Ventureon team has launched a daily diary of the hottest news from the project development laboratory.  Now you can subscribe to the telegram-channel and be up-to-date on the Internet, what the project team is doing now, and how the development is progressing in general.  

Let’s remind, Blockchain Ventureon is absolutely new iteration of development of technology.  After the launch of the platform, it will be possible to open cross-border companies, transfer from one blockchain to another in seconds, to mine the cryptocurrency without expensive video-cards, and this is only a part of the innovative advantages.