CoinMarketCap excluded from the data resource of South Korean exchanges

The well-known analytical service CoinMarketCap excludes warnings and notifications from the calculations of average statistical exchange rates data provided by South Korean exchanges. Representatives of the resource does not explain their decision in any way, but it seems to have led to a significant reduction in rates on the site. Most of the assets represented on CoinMarketCap are now in the red zone.

One of the currencies that suffered the most was Ripple, which has recently become very popular. It happened because more than 50% of the volume of trading falls precisely on the markets of South Korea. In the "Markets" section, the South Korean data was still intact. It is reported that the largest exchange Bithumb takes the 4th place in the world trading volume. They amounted to $ 2,684 billion in the last 24 hours.

It is not yet known what exactly made the representatives of the resource CoinMarketCap take a decision to exclude these South Korean exchanges. But the decline in the rates of cryptocurrency is painfully hitting investors. This is just an additional reason to make sure that the cryptocurrency market has already passed its hour of prosperity and there are more and more diverse problems. Investors should make a decision about investing in cryptocurrencies more weighted. But it is best to invest in the real sector. This opportunity is provided by venture funds. Hypercube Ventures gives an opportunity to the investor, without wasting time and nerves, to make profit from perspective projects. Investing with venture funds is the safest way to raise funds, as long as the cryptocurrency markets stabilize or go into oblivion.

As previously reported, Bitcoin started the New Year with a price drop.