Hypercube Ventures will open a representative office in Belarus

After the recent decree adopted by the HTP in Belarus, the management of Hypercube Ventures became interested in this news and thought about opening its representative office.

It is reported that the sphere of blockchain and cryptocurrency in Belarus will become a legal and legal business. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are enough haypovye topics in our time. Experts believe that if the blockchain as a technology has a great potential for application in many spheres of life, current projects and their Unitsale, as well as cryptocurrencies, are just the origin of something more. The positive perception of these technologies, as well as the encouragement of their development, will allow Belarus to keep pace with the times.

The Decree of the HTP may well influence the future work of Hypercube Ventures and help in the development of Unitsale Ventureon. Therefore, the fund’s management decided to open a representative office of the fund in the Belarusian HTP. To date, there is a discussion and preparing the necessary documents for the speedy implementation of this decision.

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