co-founder sold all his bitcoins

The problems in the bitcoin market are becoming more complex every day. Many people have already realized that this sphere is very dangerous and will not bring anything good. Of course, even a very large audience considers the bitcoin market to be promising, but this cryptocurrency will never become a trading currency. site co-founder Emil Oldenburg decided to sell all his bitcoins without seeing any prospects for further storage of the tokens. He believes that others will do the same when they realize how unsustainable this market is. "I can say that investing in bitcoins is the most extreme investment that you can make, people will start to leave bitkoin as soon as they understand how this cryptocurrency works," Oldenburg said.

One of the main shortcomings is a huge commission, as well as a decrease in the speed of transfers. Commission for transactions in bitcoins doubles about four times a year. But to confirm the operation alone it takes about 4.5 hours. For an investor, time is an important part of life. Therefore, spending so many hours on one transaction, while losing a lot of money when withdrawing a commission, no one will want.

Bitcoin is no longer one of the most interesting ways to multiply funds. And the probability of losing all your invested money is growing every day. This is why more and more investors are turning their attention to the venture capital market. Venture funds, which offer their clients the most profitable offers and promising projects, can help the investor quickly multiply their investments. Diversification and contributions to rapidly growing areas allow interested investors to get a good profit without losing time and money. All you need to do is choose the amount of investment, and the venture fund will work for you.

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