The unprecedented drop of the cryptocurrency leaves investors with no money

Experts of the cryptocurrency market predicted a stable growth of the cryptocurrency for the next months or even years. But their forecasts did not materialize, because Bitcoin collapsed below $ 13,000. Less than a week, the token fell in price by almost 40%.

A sharp drop in Bitcoin is attributed to the bankruptcy and closure of the South Korean currency exchange Youbit due to numerous cyber attacks. Hackers managed to crack the resource and assign about 14% of all assets held on the stock exchange. The situation with the lightning-fast fall of Bitcoin puts many cryptocurrency investors in a difficult situation. Investing in this currency, people planned for a short time to get an excellent profit. Such a prospect pleases and attracts many investors. But the risk was not justified for the majority, because some people simply lost their money, and some received a very small increase in profits. And someone lost almost everything, because quite a few people pledged their homes to buy Bitcoin.

So is it worth it to risk further? Investing in the cryptocurrency now has more disadvantages than advantages. After all, Bitcoin is not the only relatively quick way to earn. If you have the desire for a short time to multiply your investments several times, you should pay attention to venture investment. This way of attracting money works no worse than Bitcoin, but carries much less risks. A particularly safe option for investment is contributions to projects that are represented by venture funds. Hypercube Ventures is just such a fund. You do not need to waste your nerves in anticipation of profit, to spend time tracking currency rates. Investing in Hypercube venture fund projects is a reliable way that does not distract you from your life and pastime with family and friends. Rejoice every minute of your life, do not waste time and nerves in vain. And the money for you will earn Hypercube Ventures.

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