ICO project Confido disappeared from the field of view after attracting 375 thousand dollars

The cryptocurrency market is going through its dawn, so every day there are more and more ICO projects and startups that want to earn money to promote their product. Often, such projects may not carry any real idea, but only SCAM with the aim of quick earning money. And some startups just disappear from sight, as it happened with Confido.

Confido has developed peer-to-peer transactions with enhanced security and delivery tracking functionality, based on smart contract technology. After holding a token, where the Confido startup company collected 375 thousand dollars, all the resources, pages, websites and blogs of the Medium disappeared from the Web. Reddit published a post in which the representative of the company tries to comment on this situation: "Removing all of our sites in social media and the site was a surprise for me. I spent all my time chatting on Telegram and Reddit with different users because I wanted to help people and really believed that the project was still going on. "A few days before that, it was stated that the startup was actively working on improving its product.

Earlier, Justin van Doom published, and later deleted the message in the Medium-blog, where he told that the team had to face real difficulties because of the operation of the document signed earlier. Further events and real circumstances are still unknown to the public, but it is already clear that Confido has become an example of a suspicious startup.

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