3D designer startup Modsy attracted a $ 23 million B series investment.

Modsy does not work with augmented reality, the project is working with 3D images. The goal of the startup idea is to help the user to stylize his living space. Users can click several photos of the room in their home using any base camera phone. Then a little later Modsy reconstructs the space in 360 3D and sends you a couple of completely new designs. They are created on the basis of your "style gene", which the program calculates through a short questionnaire.

The startup announced that they closed the round of the B series, receiving $ 23 million of venture capital investments. The round was led by Advance Venture Partners, as well as by previous investors, which include Norwest Venture Partners, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment and Comcast Ventures. To date, the company has raised $ 33.75 million.

To get a more specific photorealistic look at how specific furniture will look in their home, people turn to technology. And the service Modsy is able to clearly and clearly demonstrate the best options. Even better, all the redesigned digital space is fully accessible to stores and allows users to click and purchase things that interest them the most. With the help of the 3D Modsy Style editor (in the beta version), you can change the elements based on the ones you have purchased and update the overall appearance before the direct conversion.

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