Blockchain Ventureon: planned launch took place!

Our congratulations to partners and investors

That’s one small step for a startup, one giant leap for technology!

Smart contract Ventureon for the first time performed a script for managing external assets

Blockchain Ventureon has taken measures to protect the personal data of its clients in accordance with the new EU Regulation GDPR

How will this work?

The first test smart contract has been signed on the Ventureon network

#Developer’s Diary #Ventureon

What are these smart-contracts?

Smart contract in Blockchain Ventureon: possibilities and implementation

Mining VNN is cheaper than mushrooms ?!

In the Ventureon Store there will be an opportunity to purchase emission pools co-operatively

Blockchain Ventureon at the SMART TALER 2018 conference in Minsk

Has the crypto community accepted a new project in Minsk?

The implementation of Blockchain in Ukraine: to be or not to be?

Speakers of Blockchain Ventureon inspired participants of the panel discussion in Odessa

Blockchain Ventureon commented on the attacks on Verge (XVG) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Have developers of the Blockchain Ventureon project managed to secure the system?

Yet another victory: Blockchain Ventureon performed transit from ETH to BTC and direct transaction from VNN wallet to the card

"Money should be convenient"

Good news: Ventureon successfully traded VNN for ETN, BTC and back

#Developer’s Diary #Ventureon

Blockchain Ventureon plans to catch up with Bitcoin and Ethereum by popularity

The first atomic transaction from BTC to VNN took place in Blockchain Ventureon

The EU Council: "Virtual currencies should not be confused with electronic money"

Will the EU prohibit anonymous crypto-transactions?

By the end of May this year, the developers of the project Blockchain Ventureon will launch public alpha tests of wallets

The Blockchain Ventureon project team plans to attract opinion`s leaders

The emission pools of Blockchain Ventureon: myths and reality

Everything you wanted to know about the hierarchy of the Blockchain Ventureon system

Types of VNN coins: tasks and solutions

Developers of Ventureon are implementing a solution that will allow users to navigate in all processes inside the VNN wallet as transparent as possible

Blockchain Ventureon launched an open alpha testing of the blockchain with wallet emulators

We provide an opportunity to test this technology

When forming a transaction in Blockchain Ventureon, you can check the wallet prefix for account status

How to check the status of the wallet and determine the level of trust in your counterpart?

Blockchain Ventureon: we have secured our cryptocurrency from the usual volatility of cryptocurrency

What exactly has been undertaken in Blockchain Ventureon

Blockchain Ventureon in 2019 will add to the VNN wallets an option of p2p connections

The developers of Blockchain Ventureon have come up with a ready-made solution for non-standard situations

Hypercube Ventures Foundation celebrates its birthday

Today it has been a year since we started the venture fund Hypercube Ventures

Blockchain Ventureon launched new line of available pools

It was decided to create a line of simplified, less profitable and more accessible emission pools

Approved and implemented the algorithm for providing additional addresses for the VNN wallet

Was formed the address space in the Blockchain Ventureon

Hypercube Ventures decided to provide their own funding for the Blockchain Ventureon project

The fund decided to close the Unitsale

Test mining VNN launched ahead of deadlines

Eight pools are already successfully issuing VNN

Development of Blockchain Ventureon - the flight is normal

The launch of the blockchain on 8 pools it’s successful

The program code in the alpha version is ready

The testing of the first mining pool was began

Learn how to mine with Ventureon: we launch webinar series

Is it safe to invest in crypto?

ICO Ventureon completed

Public statement of the company on ICO Ventureon close-out

We congratulate our investors on deposit amount increase by 23%!

Fund notification of transition to the euro

Russia begins selling its Mining Farms

Among the miners are employees of Sberbank and Sarov Nuclear Center

Bitcoin is the fork of Bitcoin Cash?

NIST states that Bitcoin does not have an original blockchain

Cryptocurrency is falling in price

State regulators will closely monitor cryptocurrency

Bitcoin story: how he took off and how he came to ruin

Bitcoin does not bring anything but losses

On the exchanger Mt. Gox made a fraudulent acquisition of $ 188 million

Bitcoin market is too accessible for legal and illegal manipulations

China want to ban Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin continues a series of disappointments

CoinMarketCap excluded from the data resource of South Korean exchanges

Average rates of cryptocurrency are rapidly falling on CoinMarketCap

Hypercube Ventures will open a representative office in Belarus

How the decree of the HTP in Belarus will affect Hypercube Ventures and Unitsale Ventureon

Bitcoin starts the New Year with a fall of price

The biggest fall since 2015 - bitcoin started a bad year

Hypercube memo 2018

Plans for 2018: own blockchain and Internet bank

Bitcoin.com co-founder sold all his bitcoins

Bitcoin will never become an official trading currency

The unprecedented drop of the cryptocurrency leaves investors with no money

Bitcoin has fallen in price by almost 40%

ICO project Confido disappeared from the field of view after attracting 375 thousand dollars

The next ICO project may be SCAM

3D designer startup Modsy attracted a $ 23 million B series investment.

Modsy will help to improve the interior of any house, studio or loft

Hyperplane Venture Capital led the investment round of $ 2.4 million

Financial systems Elsen allow experts to create new investment strategies

American startup helps communities receive feedback from Law Enforcement Agencies

My90 became an intermediary between civilian and activist groups and police departments

How fashion brands can think like a startup

Venture capitalist and entrepreneur Patrick Finnegan shares his secrets of a successful startup.

Bitcoin market becomes very risky for the investor

Bitcoin is rising in price again

Startup Aurora Labs has attracted $ 2.7 million in the sid round

The project of creating software for cars is developing a new technology

Yotpo attracted $ 51 million to develop the company

New York startup has become the leading platform for promoting content

Startups of electric cars on the air at the L.A. auto show

What was memorable for the show L.A. 2017

Startup X-Matik is going to turn into a drone any car

The Canadian company demonstrated a technology that makes a simple car a second-level drone

Finnish startup EatAndTheCity attracted € 3.3 million of venture investments

EatAndTheCity is going to launch its "Google for restaurants" internationally

How to create a startup with a full-time job

Tips from professionals who have experience in running a startup in parallel with the main job

The District Ventures Fund is going to invest $ 3 million in startups

The well-known foundation launches the District Ventures Accelerator

Amazon buys several cryptocurrency domains

Amazon is going to launch its own cryptocurrency or it’s just protecting its brand

Tencent, reportedly, will invest $ 150 million in a startup Maoyan

The deal of the Chinese Internet giant and the startup for selling movie tickets is considered very important

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. acquires a startup Outward for $ 112 million

WSI will use 3D-processing technology in its work

A technical startup for plastic recycling attempts to deal with waste in Africa

African startup Green Africa is going to improve the ecological situation in its region

G: loot is going to bring E-sports to the masses

Startup from Stockholm wants to make rich gamers from around the world

Which company use Facebook and WeWork to create a swag for themselves

The team of Swag.com tells what marketing tool is so important in advancing your business

What will happen if you add the word

How On-line Plc simply increased their shares by 394%

BitTorrent Developer Announces Environmentally Clean Competitor Bitcoin Chia

Bram Cohen will launch a cryptocurrency based on evidence of time and memory

Mechanical courier Marble or a new way of delivery of food

Former employees of Google and Apple invented robots Marble, which are engaged in the delivery of food.

The financial startup WeLab attracted $ 220 million from investors, including Alibaba, IFC and Credi

Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund plans to support the further development of WeLab

A popular app for teenagers Musical.ly sold to the Chinese tech giant Bytedance

Bytedance will expand the areas for its work with the Musical.ly project

China will invest $300 billion in technology

China will produce everything from chips to unmanned vehicles.

Tesla will raise another $1 billion

In July of this year, the Elon Musk’s company plans to release Model 3

Who is the first for the investment?

Top - 3 companies that is deservedly ranked among the most successful start-ups in 2016

March 22 fund Hypercube started to work

The first session of selection of projects for investment of $10 million started

Ukrainian start-up Sence has raised $100 000

Planexta team has raised $100,000 a week before the end of the campaign at Kickstarter.

Chat Gitter was acquired by GitLab

After the conclusion of the transaction, the entire startup team will continue to develop the service.